Artist - Songwriter - Producer - Multi-Instrumentalist

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Healer

Pop/R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Healer

Born to the sound of his father's own music, Trevan was beat-boxing before he was a year old, playing drums at 10, guitar at 15, and singing, writing, and producing by the time he was 18.
His intention: to encourage, inspire, and empower as many people as possible.
His music: a fulfilling blend of pop, rock, R&B, and nostalgia glazed with lyrics of compassion, encouragement, and understanding.
His songs: hearken to the inner child in all of us; seeking to dance, express itself, and transcend.
His time: over fifteen years performing on stages, in studios, and at check-out stands. 
His message: 'Just be yourself, let yourself be free, and all the pain is gone...'