Artist - Songwriter - Producer - Multi-Instrumentalist


Artist - Songwriter - Producer

Just be yourself and let yourself be free
— 'Be Free' / SinceriT Album
Dream on... Like we used to
— 'Like We Used To' / InfiniT Album

I feel like my purpose is to create the soundtrack for people’s personal self-discovery, encouraging the blossoming of their inner truth, which always leads to a more authentic and harmonious world.


           TREVAN's mission has always been to create the best music possible, no matter the genre, and instill it with wisdom, understanding, hope, encouragement, and positivity. His music is the perfect embodiment of his dream to unify people, cultures, and beliefs that seem separate from each other, and do it in a way that feels natural, authentic, and harmonious; merging styles and genres that seem unique unto themselves, in a way that both respects and values their individuality, while showing the beauty made possible by their unity. 
            Beyond his artistry, TREVAN aims to produce other artists, create multi-media entertainment projects like music-movies and documentaries, as well as build a revolutionary media company for other eclectic artists and talents to harmonize together in new and inspiring ways. All with the intention of truly creating great art while valuing those who create it and those who will buy and support it.

'Sinceri-T' (2018)


Many have mistaken volume and size for power and influence. Perhaps the hardest thing in life, is to be vulnerable. Speaking our truth in the face of rejection; uncertainty. Maybe we're trying to get out of a toxic relationship. Maybe we need support, but on some level don't know if we deserve it, or have the right to ask for it. Maybe we want to tell someone they mean more to us than we let on. Maybe we have to tell someone we don't want the same things they do. Whatever the case, the most powerful space we can stand in is a space of SINCERITY. Though it doesn't guarantee they will understand, it does bring a clarity to our message. It says "This isn't judgement, or condemnation. This is simply my truth. Me, as I am, right now, sincerely."

'Infini-T' (2016)


You have an inner knowing, an inner INFINITY that remains clear of one thing; that YOU ARE VALUABLE and have come here with GREAT PURPOSE. You deserve to live a life full of love, laughter, romance, connection, fun, and fulfillment; the life that is truly yours! Custom-tailored to your personal specs by the experiences you have lived in this life and others.
Remember, you were born Destined to Win, born to thrive; born to naturally share your inherent gifts and success with those that resonate with you; intimately, relationally and professionally. 
This 'success' is automatic when you stay true to yourself, your inner 'yes'es and 'no's.
Flow within YOUR music, within YOUR heart, and watch your life naturally Getchu Right more and more.

Photo by  Sydney Easton

Photo by Sydney Easton

'Spirituali-T' (2015)


When we are challenged by others, our circumstances, or moments of uncertainty, though rarely easy, these moments invite us to deepen our own SPIRITUALITY; our connection with our truth, our inner knowing, and subsequently our broader awareness. This is what Spirituality is: the act of seeking our own truth, a broader form of certainty, which simultaneously expands our awareness of our connection with the world around us and our integral part in it. The process begins as personal, and subsequently becomes collective. 

Photo by  Flip Cassidy

Photo by Flip Cassidy

'Insecuri-T' (2013)

Industrial - Electronic

When we give more of our attention to what others say or think about us (more than what we say or think about ourselves) we invite the state of INSECURITY. From this state, we create endless opportunities for this INSECURITY to manifest itself in the form of taking on a job we don't really want, getting into a relationship with someone who doesn't truly resonate with us, saying yes to things we really want to say no to, and so forth. The most important step to take in this state, is acknowledge what you're feeling and going through. It validates yourself, and in turn, re-orients your perspective back to your center, where you truly belong. This is where true Security comes from, which in turn manfiests itself into many forms of security; whether it's choosing work that's truly fulfilling, connecting with those who resonate with us and our truth, etc.
The most important thing to remember is, you're not at fault or wrong when you reach these states, you're simply inviting clarity by increasing your internal 'no.'

Photo by  Flip Cassidy

Photo by Flip Cassidy